Code of Ethics
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The Ontario Institute of Agrologists requires designated practicing Agrologists to:

  • Protect individuals from harm of injury, illness, death
  • Protect the environment from harm so that it can be sustainable, and
  • Protect businesses from harm of advice or recommendations that result in insolvency or lack of competitiveness

Continuing education - logging Professional Development (PD) hours

Contributing to the OIA network and events

Working within the scope of one’s education

Adhering to the OIA Code of Ethics:

      The Profession of Agrology demands:

  • Integrity
  • Competence
  • objectivity

      P. Ags and T.Ags must fulfill their professional responsibilities to:

  • The public,
  • The employer or client,
  • The profession, and
  • Other Agrologists.

To view the complete Code of Ethics document, click here.