SR&ED Opportunity

November 27, 2017


Bond Consulting Group is an award winning tax firm that specializes in the SR&ED Program. If you have heard about SR&ED, you will know it is the largest tax incentive program in the country. Incorporated farms can take advantage of the program and receive funding for expenses incurred in many different categories of eligible work. Best of all, it is a retroactive program that can go back up to two years. This means you might be able to recuperate money you have already spent on eligible projects.

In the agriculture category, we find that Animal Husbandry, Crop Science and many other farm operations are eligible. Some farmers experiment with nutrition and feed, and others with environmental conditions for the animals. Farmers struggle and work to improve crop yield, modify growing conditions and improve harvesting. If work is being done to optimize a process and you learned something through the process then this work might be eligible. In many cases you can receive significant funding for work you are already doing.

Below is a link to Bond Consulting Group website where you may learn more about the SR&ED program and our services.

Contact Bond Consulting Group to get an assessment or to learn more about the program and the funding you might be eligible for.

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