Professional Agrologists Are in Need to Serve under Amended Ontario Regulation 63/09

June 12, 2015

For over 50 years the Ontario Institute of Agrologists (OIA) has worked to ensure the highest standards for accredited agrology professionals through safeguarding the level of competence of qualified practitioners and building public confidence that those with a professional agrology designation serve to protect the public within a national code of ethical practice.  

Ontario has finalized amendments to Ontario Regulation 63/09 under the Pesticides Act.  Amendments include designating neonicotinoid-treated corn and soybean seeds as a pesticide under the Act’s Group 12 designation.  The new regulations are to take effect July 1, 2015 and further regulations surrounding use of these seed treatments commence in 2016 and 2017.  OIA professional accreditation is in urgent demand to meet the professional pest advisor criteria and the timelines for work performed under this new provincial regulation.

Concern from many agriculture organizations cited the lack of certified crop advisors available to serve as required third-party assessors to determine the need for treated seed.   Fortunately, the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, within amendments to Ontario Regulation 63/09, have identified that a “professional pest advisor” can be a practicing P.Ag./T.Ag.  OIA member under the Ontario Institute of Professional Agrologists Act, 2013, if the person’s field of practice relates to the production, processing and protection of cultural, horticultural and related products and supplies; or pest control.  Further, the new provincial regulation includes regulated professional agrologists (P.Ag./T.Ag.) from other provincial jurisdictions within similar practice areas.  Professional agrologists are in need to serve under Ontario Regulation 63/09.

There are approximately 10,000 licensed/accredited Agrology practitioners across Canada and an Institute of Agrology in each province.  As regulators in each province, we license/accredit these highly trained and highly qualified professional agrology practitioners and govern their work to ensure safe, competent and ethical practice within provincial statute.   For information to join the OIA please visit or call 519-826-4226.

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