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December 05, 2017Congratulations to Our Winners of the 2018 OIA Membership Early-Bird Renewal DrawOIA Resources
November 27, 2017SR&ED OpportunityIndustry Resources
November 21, 2017CFGA Leadership Award to P.Ag.
August 29, 2017Article RE Business Is Booming for Agrologists in AlbertaIndustry Resources
August 10, 2017Call for Proposals: Quebec-Ontario Cooperation for Agri-Food Research Competition
April 24, 2017Soil Aggregates - Our Lifeline to the FutureIndustry Resources
April 18, 2017Country Guide April 2017 - CAFA / OIA June 2017 Event
April 10, 2017CAFA Farm Management Update and 2017 OIA AGM / TourOIA Resources
February 02, 2017OSCIA News & Views - Launch of the Lake Simcoe Soil Health Improvement ProjectIndustry Resources
February 01, 2017OAHF News Release - 2017 InducteesIndustry Resources
December 07, 2016AAC News - November 2016
July 06, 2016Dr. Rene Van Acker, P.Ag., Named OAC Dean
June 21, 2016AAC News - June 2016
April 05, 2016OIA News Release - Consumers Trust and Value Accredited Professionals in Canada’s Food IndustryOIA Resources
March 24, 2016OIA Comments on CEFOIA Resources
January 11, 2016AAC Updates - January 2016
June 12, 2015Professional Agrologists Are in Need to Serve under Amended Ontario Regulation 63/09OIA Resources
April 12, 2014Sector & Employer Presentation 2014OIA Resources
January 09, 2014Next Steps Following OIA Act ProclamationOIA Resources
December 16, 2013Bill Pr15OIA Resources
December 16, 2013October 2, 2013 Standing Committee HansardOIA Resources