What is the Profession of Agrology?

The profession of agrology can be defined as “the development or acquisition of scientific knowledge derived through experimentation and research and/or its application to the business or art of agriculture; the application of the agricultural sciences to the business of agriculture; the science or art of agriculture including scientific experiments and research in relation thereto”.

What is a Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.)?

A P.Ag. is a professional who works in the agri-food industry and is registered in a Canadian provincial institute of agrologists. Next time you want to talk to a professional knowledgeable in Canadian agriculture, look for the P.Ag. designation. It identifies a Professional Agrologist with:

  • Education equivalent to a degree in agriculture from a Canadian university;
  • Recognized skills and experience in his or her chosen field;
  • Continuous education and competency upgrading to raise the bar of excellence;
  • The practice of due diligence and public protection; and
  • Publicly registered in a professional organization governed by a Code of Ethics and provincial Professional Agrologist legislation.

What is the Agrologist Code Of Ethics?

Registrants of the Ontario Institute of Agrologists are governed by the following national code of ethics: “The Profession of Agrology demands integrity, competence and objectivity in the conduct of its registrants while fulfilling their professional responsibilities to the Public, the Employer or Client, the Profession, and other Agrologists.”

What is Professionalism?

Professionalism is primarily an attitude and a way of life. It is not just a measure of formal educational level or competence requirement. True professionalism demands three essential qualities:

  • Competence and expertise in a chosen field;
  • Conscientious and generous service;
  • A high level of personal independence and responsibility.

The most important and over-riding concept of all is that a profession exists for the purpose of serving others. Whatever the profession, its primary purpose is not private gain.

Why do you need the P.Ag. designation?

The professional designation P.Ag. demonstrates to the public, your employer, your colleagues and your clients that you are committed to grow as an individual and to help the industry grow, always with the over-riding focus on the public good. By being registered with the Ontario Institute of Agrologists you are part of an organization that insists on continuing competence and provides continuing education opportunities for professional agrologists. You are part of an organization dedicated to strengthening the industry for the good of the public.

Registration as a Professional Agrologist brings many benefits, including opportunities:

  • To engage with agri-food and agri-life leaders;
  • For leadership development and mentoring;
  • To update technical and professional skills;
  • For exposure to a wide range of industry-related issues;
  • To network with peers across Ontario and Canada;
  • To discuss issues with key people in the industry;
  • To attend thought-provoking seminars and meetings;
  • To develop organizational skills;
  • To raise the profile of the role of agriculture with the consuming public; and
  • To access group benefits such as professional liability (errors and omissions) insurance.

Responsibilities of the Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.)

  • Maintain high standards of competence, integrity and ethics in the agricultural profession;
  • Developing as a professional by participating in OIA-sponsored courses in agriculture, business management and leadership skills;
  • Speaking out on agricultural issues that affect the profession of agrology through reports, meetings and media contacts organized through the Ontario Institute of Agrologists;
  • Consulting with government, agribusiness and primary producers based on the strength of your standing as a Professional Agrologist;
  • Reaching out beyond the organization to assist and collaborate with other groups for the betterment of agriculture and society; and
  • Fostering future professionalism in agriculture through the Articling Agrologist (A.Ag.) program. 

Why does the public need Professional Agrologists?

The Ontario public deserves to be confident in the food production systems in Ontario. The public gains assurance that the advice given in the agri-food system is provided by professionals who are technically competent and who have put their integrity on the line and committed to their professional code of ethics through registration within their profession. The public can be assured of a disciplinary process in the case of professional misconduct or demonstrated incompetence that could lead to losing the right to practice agrology. Professional Agrologists are committed to growing the standard of excellence in agri-food industry.

Why do other professions need Professional Agrologists?

Professional Agrologists are committed to the public good and strengthening of the agri-food industry. Other professions need P.Ag.s to lend them credibility within the industry and to the public by practicing due diligence and ensuring competence.

Why does the agri-food industry need Professional Agrologists?

The agri-food industry gains assurance that strong individuals mean a strong industry. Producers can be assured that P.Ag.s are technically competent, of good character and focused on growing the entire agri-food industry.