Designed to be a learning opportunity for new Articling Agrologists, the Pre-Examination and Introduction to Agrology Workshop will:

  • provide a chance to understand what it means to be an Articling Agrologist;
  • assist you to formulate your professional development plan and finalize your major project;
  • include guidance to help you keep your PD log current and a permanent record of your competency development; and
  • guide you through pertinent information and help you to focus your studying for the Provincial General Agrology Exam.

Pertinent information will include the privileges and responsibilities of the professional designation. Topics covered will also include the OIA as a self-regulatory body in Ontario; OIA governance; the OIA Code of Conduct and Standards of Practice; and requirements of the articling process.

This Workshop is offered online through a third-party service provider.  CLICK HERE to start enrollment.



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