Employers - Job Postings (Full-Time, Part-Time, Contract)

The Ontario Institute of Agrologists provides an excellent opportunity for you to post your job posting. Whether your need is for a full-time, part-time or contract opportunity or you would like to post your Request for Proposal (RFP), the OIA provides a cost-effective service that targets your needs for Agrology related roles. Agrology practice represents work in agriculture, agri-food or agri-life science including roles in agri-business; turf management; ag environment/ecology; ag engineering; food quality assurance; soil, plant or animal science. Given labour mobility within Agrology practice, your posting can be for any Canadian province. OIA staff can assist with information relating to Agrology practice licensure requirements in Canadian provinces.

Each Employment or Request for Proposal posting costs $100 plus HST.
Two to nine postings in a single transaction $75 each plus HST.
Ten or more postings in a single transaction $50 each plus HST.

Each Paid Posting Provides YOU the Following Benefits:

  • The posting is live on the http://www.oia.on.ca/professional-development/job-postings.aspx job postings web location on the OIA website.
  • The posting is open for as long as the posting is open (maximum 6 weeks).
  • A complementary link to your company website may be included on each posting for enhanced branding.
  • The posting is visible to OIA qualified practitioners as well as non-members.
  • The OIA will regularly promote to its membership the postings site.
  • Targeted recruitment to the Agrology sector.
  • Quantity discounts available to achieve savings when purchasing more than one posting in a single transaction.

To Post an Agrology Related Employment or RFP Ad:

  1. Choose the number of postings to purchase.
  2. Submit your positing in PDF format - including a link to your website.
  3. Confirm the contact information of your Accounts Payable staff contact.
  4. The OIA's Director of Finance and Administration will review your posting.
  5. Upon approval, the posting will be activated and an invoice will be issued.


  • One job description or RFP per posting.
  • Posting must be Agrology related.
  • Posting must be sent in PDF format.
  • Posting must include an application submission date.
  • The OIA reserves the right to reject any posting or content.
  • If the position is Agrology related, the following wording should appear within the posting: Applicants must be eligible for membership or registered with (province identified) Institute of Agrology, if applicable.
  • If applicable, employers agree to work with the OIA so the successful candidate(s) can become registered OIA member practitioners.