Professional Agrology designation registration represents "proof of competence" or "qualification assurance". The Ontario Institute of Agrologists (OIA) is committed to providing fair and transparent registration access within provincial statute.

Achieving full accreditation will result in conferring the right to use the title Professional Agrologist or Technical Agrologist and the initials "P.Ag." or "T.Ag." after one's name. OIA's primary objective is to ensure that those with a professional Agrology designation, and who are registered with the OIA, possess the knowledge, skills, education and commitment to competently perform important occupational activities within one's scope of practice (area of specialty) and to protect the public interest.

Registration Application

The OIA has two main streams of practicing members:

  • Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.)
  • Technical Agrologist (T.Ag.)

All individuals who wish to register with the Institute as an accredited practitioner of Agrology, whether domestically or internationally educated, must go through the same application process with some minor submission differences.

Step 1: Submit an Application

Complete the OIA Membership Application, which includes:

  • Application Form; and
  • Application Fee.

You can complete your application online and pay your application fee by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) in one simple process. Our secured network assures the confidentiality of your credit card information. To complete the application online, please click on the Make an Application link below.

Make an Application

As an alternative, you can print your application and mail it to the OIA along with your payment (cheque or money order payable to the Ontario Institute of Agrologists). The OIA will process your application upon receipt of your application form and fee.  An application without payment will NOT be processed.

Send to OIA Registrar:

  • Official transcripts;
  • Copy of degree(s) or diploma(s);
  • Academic Worksheet (for either P.Ag. or T.Ag.)
  • 2 References (name and contact information); and
  • Resume.


Applicants who received their education outside of Canada must complete Application Form 1 and send the above information to the OIA Registrar in addition to:

  • International education course-by-course Canadian evaluation by World Education Services (WES) or International Credential Assessment Service (ICAS); and 
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residence status (copy of front and back of status card is acceptable).

International Educated Agrologists


The OIA recognizes the process associated with achieving Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) certificate.  Applicants who hold a current CCA designation will be considered equivalent to achievement of up to six Agrology credits at university level.  This course equivalency will assist current CCA members toward meeting national education entrance standard required to attain Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) status and registration.


Note: The application fee is NOT refundable.

Note: If the additional information noted above required to move an application forward to approval is NOT RECEIVED WITHIN SIX MONTHS, your application will become inactive and you must reapply.


Step 2: Review & Decision

Registration applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis.  Successful applicants approved by the OIA Board of Directors will be notified via email in which their OIA account login information and password will be provided.  The approval email will also outline specific Articling Agrologist (A.Ag.) requirements for each individual.  Following acceptance notification membership fee invoice will be sent.  Failure to pay membership fee within one month of issue date will void one's OIA approval.


Step 3: Articling Agrologist (A.Ag.) Program

The primary objective of the OIA Articling Agrologist (A.Ag.) program is to ensure that those with an Agrology designation and who are registered Agrology practitioners possess the knowledge, skills, education and commitment to competently perform important occupational activities within one’s scope of practice (area of specialty) and to protect the public interest.

All applicants accepted for membership are obligated to:

  • complete their in-training A.Ag. requirements as outlined in the approval email; and
  • be employed in the practice of Agrology for a minimum of one year

prior to achieving their P.Ag. or T.Ag. status.

Applicants with extensive continuous work experience (five years plus including two years within Canada) in Agrology after graduation may request to reduce their articling term.  This request must be submitted in writing detailing supporting reasons at time of application process.  It will be at the discretion of the OIA Professional Requirements Committee to grant this request.  


As an Articling Agrologist (A.Ag.):


  • Create a professional development plan tailored to achievement of your employment objectives;
  • Complete a project that showcases your skills and specialties, and contributes to the profession of Agrology;
  • Attend and participate in professional development courses and Branch activities;
  • Present at a Branch meeting;
  • Pass the General Agrology Exam; and/or
  • Be mentored and coached during the articling process.


  • Pay the annual professional fee;
  • Complete Professionalism and Ethics curriculum; and
  • Maintain a professional development log (convenient on-line ability will be provided by OIA).


On a rare occasion the OIA may waive specific articling obligations if education and experience requirements are achieved along with recent completion of an approved Professionalism and Ethics course.


Link to OIA Courses


Registered with Another Institute of Agrology?

Applicants currently registered with another Institute of Agrology in Canada may choose to:

  • Transfer In (transfer registration from another Institute to the Ontario Institute of Agrologists); or
  • Maintain Dual Membership (maintain registration in more than one province, including the Ontario Institute of Agrologists).

Make an Application

Changes to Registration

OIA registered members may choose to change their membership category, request a leave of absence or transfer to another Institute in Canada.


If you have retired from the practice of Agrology, but wish to remain connected to the Institute for a minimal annual fee please email the OIA Registrar to request retired membership status.

Leave of Absence

If you require a temporary leave for parental, medical, education or other reasons, you must request a Leave of Absence via email to the Registrar and submit requested documentation. Those with an approved Leave of Absence will move to non-practicing status on the public and member database.  The professional fee for non-practicing member Professional Agrologists (P.Ag.s) and Technical Agrologists (T.Ag.s) are lower.  However, you will have to make a Reinstatement Application [Application Form] to move back to practicing status at the conclusion of your leave.

Transfer out to Another Provincial Institute

If you will no longer be practicing in Ontario and will be practicing in another province, request via email to the Registrar to transfer your file to the provincial Institute of Agrology in the province you are relocating to.


If you are no longer practicing Agrology or desire to no longer to possess your status as a registered Agrology practitioner, please contact the OIA Registrar to indicate your decision to resign by Dec. 31.


Due to labour mobility and the enhancement of the professional brand nationwide, the OIA is not the same organization today. As a recognized profession in most of Canada and over 10,000 licensed/designated members, whether full-time or part-time, competency in practice and qualification assurance is of increasing importance to the public.

There are five requirements associated with reinstatement:

  • Submission of a reinstatement application along with its fee;
  • Completion of OIA's online Professionalism and Ethics course curriculum;
  • Provision of two references from whose insight the OIA can assess the applicant’s competency and ethical practice;
  • Statement (in a paragraph or two) that can speak to how, over the past year, the applicant has stayed current (i.e. documentation of on-going learning commitment that relates to the applicant's area of specialty). It can be workshop attendance, webinars, or journal readings etc.; and
  • As new national requirements of entry into Agrology profession deemed necessary, additional submissions related to labour mobility, such as transcripts, for those with prolonged membership lapse (more than two years).  Such reinstatement applicants will be advised as appropriate.