Good information is essential to the success of your farming operations.  You likely draw on the services of professionals in the areas of accounting, law and perhaps veterinary medicine as a means of increasing your prospects for success.  The challenges in today's operating environment make the role of designated and publically accountable professionals even more vital.

Choosing the right advisor for your farming operation can be difficult. You may be uncertain about the quality of the advice you are going to receive. At the Ontario Institute of Agrologists we believe that you need to feel comfortable with the licensed professional agrologist you choose. So what are the attributes that licensed professional agrologists are known for?

  • Ability to listen to your unique needs and challenges. This leads to solutions that work for you.
  • Capacity to work with other licensed professionals (such as lawyers and accountants) makes licensed professional agrologists part of a team approach. Professionals value the insight provided by other professionals and so should you.
  • Commitment by licensed agrologists to practice ethically and apply their expert experience in the business of farming is second to none.
  • Capability to communicate technical terms in easy to understand language. And Licensed agrologists don't tell you want you want to hear, they tell you what you need to know in order to succeed.

You should be aware that not all who practice agrology or provide farm business advice can meet rigourous competency standards or work within a regulatory body's professional code of ethics. You should also be aware that some individuals may state professional affiliations and memberships that they do not possess. Be sure to check with the OIA before you retain a professional's services.

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